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mortonsLike most American kids, I grew up using Morton’s salt. My mother, a nurse in her former life, stressed that the reason we used it was to be sure we got our iodine. To further imprint the lesson we were shown gross pictures of people with goiters due to lack of iodine in science classes.

sea salt
Then I grew up and discovered the amazing tastes of sea salt. I started experimenting with it in cooking, on salads, on various foods and snacks. I loved it. The variety in tastes made me very happy!  Gradually the Morton’s salt disappeared from our house. (more…)

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Wendell Berry: Agricultural Activist

food industry

Over the last year I have spent considerable time studying and thinking about food. I have studied the connections between food and health, food and industry, food and the health industry and food and the government. (more…)

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Another Plant-based Lasagna — with Butternut, Onion, Spinach and Cashew “Cheese”

After the butternut tacos, I got to thinking. . .

Now I am on a butternut squash kick. Next on the agenda: Lasagna. Honestly, I probably would not even have tried this, but David and I had a version of it a while back that was to die for. That one was full of ricotta and mozzarella cheese. This one uses cashew “cheese” instead. Because the butternut squash is so smooth and creamy you won’t even miss the cheese. (more…)

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All Plant-based Split Pea Soup

When I was a 4 or 5  my Dad’s family lived in Santa Barbara. A couple of times a year we would drive up from Los Angeles to visit. Along the way there were always signs for Andersen’s – the split pea soup Andersen’s. The signs featured Hap-pea the big cook and Pea-wee his helper. Some even showed an elaborate split-pea soup factory. The signs were provocative and intriguing. It wasn’t long before the idea of Hap-pea, Pea-wee and a soup factory became as real as the car I was trapped in. I could see just how it looked. And if I scrunched up my face and thought really hard I could even hear and smell it. (more…)

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Over the River and Through the Woods

autumn,cornucopias,food,harvests,holidays,horns of plenty,pumpkins,seasons,special occasions,ThanksgivingWe are taking a Thanksgiving break with family and friends in California. It is wonderful to see them after many months. It is a beautiful time as year and as we drive from place to place we talk about how much has happened in the last year or two.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year I am grateful for many things: (more…)

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GMO Food Primer

Genetically Modified Organism foods are a “hot” topic these days. Several studies have been completed in the last few months and the reports released . Some of these reports find that GMO food has greats benefits attached. Others blame GMO-foods for a variety of human ills. I am not a “bible thumper” on the subject, but I think it is important for health conscious people dedicated to whole food plant-based diets to be aware of what is going on and what the issues are.

Over 40 countries require GMO labeling as a consumer’s right to know. The United States is not among them. As awareness starts to grow in the US, consumers have a lot of questions. They want to know what GMO foods are, if they should be concerned, and how to avoid them. Those who believe them to be dangerous want to know what they can do. This very simple primer is designed to distill the basics.

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