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Cherry Preserves

cherryLast week when cleaning out the freezer we found a big bag of organic pitted cherries. We bought them at Costco intending to use them in smoothies, but somehow that didn’t happened. They were starting to get freezer burned so we needed to come up with a way to use them quickly.

Cherry pie? How about cherry ice cream,cobbler, compote, tart, chutney or some sort of sauce? After all our excess in New Orleans desert didn’t sound even remotely interesting, I am not a big chutney fan and sauce without a purpose seems like a waste of energy. (more…)

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Hummus and Variations on the Theme

hummusWe use a lot of hummus in our house!  We use it for all kinds of things! It is a substitute for mayo in a sandwich, salad dressing on Greek Salad and as a quick snack or small meal.  We eat it with carrot and/or celery sticks, on sliced tomatoes, corn chips, tortillas and whole grain (home-made) flat bread.

It is full of good stuff ! If you use a traditional hummus recipe with olive oil and tahini you are looking about 30 calories a tablespoon.  Breaks down to : 44% fat, 45% carbs, 11% protein. If you cut or reduce the oil and tahini, the fat content plummets. (more…)

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