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Green Smoothies and Green Juice

ninjaWe got a Ninja for Christmas. It’s not a VitaMix, but it is a big improvement over our trusty old Osterizer. And so far I am very impressed.

We immediately took a field trip to Costco for bagged organic kale, containers of organic spinach and organic Granny Smith apples, organic kiwi and a bag of regular old carrots. Trader Joe’s was next and there we invested in more greens – arugula, bok choy and chard and some organic frozen fruit: pineapple, mango and blueberries. Finally a stop at the local health food store for ginger, mint and parsley.

We took this embarrassment of riches home and fired up the Ninja. Over the last week I have had a variety of Smoothies.  Some good and some putrid. One too sweet and one that was way too green. While we were at it we got out the juicer, blew off the dust and pressed it into service.

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