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The Year of Being Vegan: 2012 Lessons Learned Part 1

I have always been a plant-based eater; a vegetarian. Over the last year David and I decided to become vegans. It has been an incredible learning experience! Between now and the end of the years I will share some of the things I learned.

Dairy effects more than my digestive system

dairyI have known for years that I’m lactose-sensitive; probably lactose-intolerant. My first clue came from eating ice-cream. A food I dearly love! I tried to chalk up my discomfort to the sugar. Unfortunately for my denial, I found that other things with sugar had a much less dramatic effect. Add sugar to milk and cream – instant IBS.

It didn’t take long to figure that cheese was also a problem. I tried to blame it on the type of rennet. In fairness the rennet did make a difference in the severity of the reaction. But even cheese made with vegetable rennet aggravated my IBS. (more…)

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A McDougall Moment on Milk

A long time I ago I worked for a cheese making company. My job was a few minutes from home (no big commute and in LA that is a big deal!) and enjoyable.  The company was humming along, making money and life was good.

One morning I went to work, only to find the place shut down.  Short version: our cheese killed 13 people. By the time the dust settled the company had closed. It didn’t help us when the verdict came in that the culprit was Listeria from one our supplier’s milk (more…)

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