Peanut Butter and . . .

Yesterday morning, very early, I burst out laughing while reading the New York Times. I couldn’t wait for David to get up so I could show him the article: Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend. I suddenly felt so vindicated!

The article written by Dwight Gardner, Literary Critic for the NY Times, was 700+ words extolling the wonders of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. My husband and kids have given me so much grief over the years about my love of PB&P sandwiches. They think that I have either very weird or no taste in food. And I suspect they think I am somewhat beyond weird. OK, I might be; but not for that reason!

So back to Dwight and Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend No PB&J for him. Jelly, I fear, is way too pedestrian for a New York Times literary critic.

You can not even begin to know how happy I was to see several hundred words on PB&P! As a bonus he added variations on the theme for those peanut butter lovers who are extra adventurous:

  • Hemingway’s favorite – the PB&MOO (peanut butter, mayonnaise, olives, thick onion slices).
  • The favorite English version — the PB&HBM (peanut butter, horseradish, bacon, Marmite).
  • Elvis Presley’ s favorite  — the PB&BB (peanut butter, banana and bacon)

He almost nailed it with the Elvis (PB&BB), but personally, I can’t imagine putting bacon on perfectly good food! My biggest disappointment, however, was that he did not mention the PB&T (peanut butter,tomato) or the PB&TO (peanut butter, tomato, onion). In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that to make a PB&P, PB&T and PB&TO really sing you need to add a little mayo.

Seriously a PBP or PBT are my 2 favorite sandwiches. Slap a little crunchy peanut butter between two slices of whole grain or gluten-free bread. Put it in a sandwich bag. Then cut up the pickles, tomatoes and/or onions and store them in a separate baggie until you are ready to eat; then put them between the slices and bite down hard! Quick, complete protein on the run!

If you are now agreeing with my husband and kids about my food tastes (or lack of them) I just want you to know that there is something about the crunch of pickles and the tang of salt added to the peanut butter that just makes me happy!!

Try it you’ll like it!

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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