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nutribulletI know juicing is a good thing. The easiest way to get a lot of fruits and veggies. Or at least the easiest way to get them into your body so that they do good.

The NOT easy part is getting the juice: taking out the juicer, feeding the veggies into the juicer and finally, cleaning the juicer and the counters and putting the clunky thing away.

Over the years we have made many attempts to juice on a regular basis. All have ended in a matter of days because making the juice is such a hassle. Last month, my friend who is moving, offered me her extra NutriBullet, I almost said no. Then I decided “what the hell!” The price was right and besides I was curious to see if the hype about how wonderful it is was real. So, I took it in spite of my deep skepticism about if I would use or like it. I brought it home and started to use it.

After a month of using it twice a day, I am a believer! It is easy to use, easy to clean and (once you get the hang of it) makes great juices and smoothies. The best part is that getting juice this way is cheap! I use about 20% of the ingredients that I used for the same amount of juice. And I don’t get a blood sugar rush since the Nutribullet uses the whole fruit or veggie and leaves the fiber in the drink.

Our morning drink is  vegetable based. I have used various combinations of organic avocados, carrots, celery, bell peppers, kale, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and bok choy. I usually add chia or hemp seeds for protein.

The afternoon drink is fruit based. I have experimented with combinations of kefir, coconut water, ground cinnamon, vanilla,  frozen organic fruit, and fresh organic bananas, papaya, apples and kiwi. I usually add chia seeds, nuts or nut butter to add protein.

From start to finish – clean up and all is less than 5 minutes.

We call our favorite combination Bloody 7and here is how I make two 8 oz servings:

Bloody 7

  • Combine in the large bullet the veggies:
    • 3-4 leaves of greens (spinach or kale leaves)
    • 1-2 inches of sliced cucumber
    • 1/2 medium carrot
    • 1 thin slice of onion
    • 1 slice of bell pepper
    • 1/4-1/2 avocado
    • 3-4 small (or one large) tomato
  • Add the not veggie items:
    • 2 Tbsp Chia seeds
    • 1/2 tsp of salt
    • Add 1 cup water
    • 2-3 ice cubes
  • Put on the extractor top and let it blend for a minute or two

The result is creamy, filling and satisfying. We are just learning how to use this so there are more experiments in the making. Will update you as we learn more!

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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