Drowning. . .



OMG we are drowning in tomatoes! This is one morning and we are getting that much again in the evening.

Do you feel sorry for me?  I sincerely, hope not!  We have great food and our neighbors and friends love us since we keep giving tomatoes away.

Last year, our first year in this very harsh environment, we had lots of tomato troubles:  diseases, fungi and pests .  Because we got here in May, we rushed to get the garden in. Unfortunately, we did not do a good job of tracking which varieties were the best producers, the most disease resistant or the best tasting.

This year we wanted to experiment with several different varieties and to keep better records. We are tracking planting dates, problems, production and taste. The ones we are watching are: Early Girl, Celebrity, Better Boy, Black Prince, Black Krim, Big Cherry, Husky Cherry, Black Cherry, Yellow Pear, Roma and a VFN variety. Obviously we needed a couple of each types of plants. So we have ended up with quite a collection.   I am beginning to think, however, that we may have gotten a little carried away! When we finally counted all of the tomatoes plants we came up with 52!

We have some that are producing lots of tomatoes right now as you can see in the picture: Early Girl, Black Prince, Black Cherry, Yellow Pear and Roma. Some that have lots of green tomatoes; we haven’t gotten any ripe ones yet: Big Cherry, Husky Cherry, Celebrity and Black Krim.  Some plants that are still to small to be producing fruit, yet: Better Boy and VFN.

Results so far?

  • Favorite eating varieties are the black ones – Black Prince and Black Cherry; the flavor is beyond belief.
  • Best producer by far — Early Girl.  The plants all have yellow leaves and kinda look bad, but they are producing great tomatoes and lots of them!
  • The most troublesome — yellow pear.  We have lost one plant and it looks like another one is one it’s way out.

No matter how you cut it we have a lot of plants, a lot of fruit and are learning a whole lot!  Bottom line for me:  Lots of tomatoes now and MANY more on the way so I need to get busy over the weekend and

  1. Buy some canning jars
  2. Read up on canning tomatoes
  3. Research Dehydrators
  4. Make some Gazpacho
  5. Find some new recipes that use tomatoes
  6. Upgrade this site: we will be down starting Friday afternoon until sometime on Saturday. Be sure to come back next week and check out our new look.

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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  1. Roxana says:

    oh how I love garden grown tomatoes… the taste is unbelievable, hard to describe how flavorful they are… gazpacho, oh, another to die for dish! Enjoy them Genene, I am salivating…

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