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We are packing away. It is amazing how much junk you can accumulate in a couple of years. The hardest part is making decisions – what to do about those little but useful items. For example all the special use kitchen items, the myriad little items hidden away in cabinets and drawers or the box of hooks, picture hangers and rug grippers. None of them are particularly expensive or irreplaceable. It just cost money and time to replace them. To keep or not to keep? My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t used it since we moved here 2 years ago, out it goes either for a yard sale or donation. But there are still a lot of “iffy” items. This part drives me nuts!! Which means all I want to do is eat! amy tamaleThat is the long way of saying that we are either too busy or too tired to think much about cooking. Terrible, when you a chronically hungry (something called stress eating). Interestingly, this time out, I am finding it important to not eat junk. So, last Thursday we took a little trip to the local health food store to see if we could find something prepared that would work. This is a little tougher than it sounds! We decided to cheat by hitting the prepared frozen meals. 90% of them contain “spices and “natural flavors” (aka MSG). Most of the others contain soy, dairy or gluten and sometimes all three at once. We spent close to an half hour freezing our hands off and reading labels. FINALLY we found some items that we were willing to try – Amy’s Kitchen. Here are a few of the items we found: image The tamales are hands down my favorite, but all of them are actually tasty particularly for prepared foods. If you are moving or otherwise short on time and inspiration, the Amy’s Kitchens foods are a healthy prepared meal. Check out the website to see what is available and pick up a couple for emergencies next time you are grocery shopping. And Amy’s not paying me! Four more days until the pod is picked up. . .

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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