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Spinach For Breakfast

spinach for breakfastEvery now and then I come across a book that makes me smile. This one has a full title that is almost as long as the slim 46 page book: Spinach for Breakfast:  How to live longer for all ages, particularly for 65 and older . It is written by Sam Almond. whose earlier books have been about trading financial instruments like Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Options.

Sam is 86 years young. He diets and exercises his way to fitness and health and says he “enjoys life to the full.” (more…)

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Garden Update–July, 2012

wateringWe got the water bill. It was a bit of a shock. I know we live in the desert, but still. . . Good thing that summer electric and gas are so low, or I would be singing major blues!

My back knows that we use a fair amount of water – I have to lug the hose around everyday; sometimes twice a day to water. Great exercise, but kind of a pain.  I am lusting after an irrigation system. I hear that an irrigation system really cuts down on the amount of water you use.  Hmmm! (more…)

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