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Hard to Beet — The Greens!

beet and greenOne of my most favorite comfort foods is beets.  As a teen, chronically worried about my weight, one of my favorite snacks were beets.  I’d lay out slices of hot beet on a plate, spread a tiny bit of butter on each slice and then salt the whole plate.  Not a lot of calories, but lots of flavor. Just ignore that part about butter and salt; what can I say. . . I was young! (more…)

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Garden Update–July, 2012

wateringWe got the water bill. It was a bit of a shock. I know we live in the desert, but still. . . Good thing that summer electric and gas are so low, or I would be singing major blues!

My back knows that we use a fair amount of water – I have to lug the hose around everyday; sometimes twice a day to water. Great exercise, but kind of a pain.  I am lusting after an irrigation system. I hear that an irrigation system really cuts down on the amount of water you use.  Hmmm! (more…)

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