The basic ingredients of tomato based salsa are the same.  The differences are the cooking method and how you use the flavoring ingredients. This a basic template for salsa of any kind.

There are two basic parts to the recipes:

  1. Basic ingredients
    • 5 lbs of tomatoes (I prefer Romas, but often get “culls” of any kind from the framer’s market; can also use canned tomatoes for the Quick and Tasty method)
    • 1 lb of mixed peppers (bell, yellow, Anaheim, Big Jim, jalapenos and Serrano. Mix to get the heat you want; I usually use a mix of 1/2 Anaheims to 1/4 sweet yellow peppers and deseeded jalapenos. If you want more heat or you don’t have enough hot peppers add chipotle or dried chili peppers)
    • 2-3 large onions
    • Garlic to taste
    • Olive oil (the amount depends on the cooking method)
  2. Flavoring ingredients
    • Vinegar or Lemon (amount will vary by method used)
    • Salt
    • Herbs – Italian parsley, cilantro, cumin, and oregano

This is a big science project to be enjoyed. Tomato flavors and juiciness vary as does the heat in the peppers.  Your imagination is about your only limit to what you can create.

So just have fun!

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