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Whole Food Plant-Based Snack Recipes

Peanut Butter and . . .

Yesterday morning, very early, I burst out laughing while reading the New York Times. I couldn’t wait for David to get up so I could show him the article: Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend. I suddenly felt so vindicated!

The article written by Dwight Gardner, Literary Critic for the NY Times, was 700+ words extolling the wonders of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. My husband and kids have given me so much grief over the years about my love of PB&P sandwiches. They think that I have either very weird or no taste in food. And I suspect they think I am somewhat beyond weird. OK, I might be; but not for that reason! (more…)

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Banzo Salad Sandwich Filling

Well, I ended up with a whole lot of Nutonnaise that I needed to find a way to use. In the “olden” days I would have made egg salad sandwiches. . . but when you don’t eat eggs, then what?

I looked around on the internet and through my cookbooks. I kept running across “vegan tuna salad.” Every time I saw it I wrinkled my nose. The smell of tuna makes my stomach roll, so the idea was a lot less than appealing. I didn’t think it was a great alternative. Besides, since I have never tasted tuna, I would have no basis for evaluating if it really tastes anything like tuna. (more…)

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Canning Apples


My proof-reader is out building the winter greenhouse so please excuse any errors. . .

We did our “final” trip for the season to Farmer’s Market on Saturday to pick up more tomatoes for salsa and more apples for applesauce. We came home and started canning.

These apples are what are known as “culls.” Which just means that they are either deformed or damaged is some way. They don’t always look so good, but the taste is full and sweet.  We got a good mix of green, yellow and red apples which makes for a subtly tasted sauce.  Of course they all must be carefully washed and cleaned. So David did the hard work and cut out the bad spots and then cored them. He is my hero!! (more…)

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Fall Apples are Here!

View detailsMy private challenge is to try a new recipe every week. If the “bones” are good, then I work with it over time until I like what I have. Once David and I agree it meets our very high standards, I write it up. Very often this works out great. And then there are times  like yesterday when they don’t work out at all. The recipe was confusing and the result was, well, AWFUL!

Fortunately, David is an adventurous eater and always willing to try these experiments. The other good thing is that he is quite willing to give me his unvarnished opinion.  In case you are wondering you are supposed to laugh here – it is that was joke. Seriously, he is a good cook in his own right and some of our best food ideas are a collaboration. (more…)

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With the Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline We Made Dill Pickles in Minutes!

I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. I long ago banned myself from Bed Bath and Beyond, Sonoma-Williams and Sur La Table.  It is amazing how I walk into one of those places and suddenly I can’t live without some gadget I didn’t even know existed a minute ago.

I have a whole drawer of irresistible (and expensive) gadgets that I never use. Your basic waste of time and money.  They sound good, but are hard to figure out and a nightmare to clean. BUT, every now and then, I stumble across some little, cheap gadget that makes life a whole lot easier. My latest find is the Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline.  Picked it up at TruValue for the vast sum of $17.00. (more…)

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Meal Replacements – Larabars

audreyRemember the plant in Little Shop of Horrors?   Audrey II whose loudest cry was “Feed Me!”  When I get hungry, my blood sugar drops and the only thing I can say is:  FEED ME!!! I know exactly how Audrey felt!

Which is why I eat “early and often.” I hate turning an irrational and distinctly un-nice person!   The antidote is eating 4-5 times a day.  If I do my blood sugar stays even and my disposition sunny. As and added bonus I feel good and effortlessly maintain my weight since my metabolism is more efficient and I don’t get strange cravings. In the end I actually consume less calories per day. (more…)

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