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Mashed Potato Soup

Plant-based Mashed Potato SoupI have a recipe for Mashed Potato Soup that I have served every holiday for the last 20 years. No matter how much I make, it always gets eaten to the last drop.

Ironically, the original recipe came from “The Healthy Heart” cookbook even though it calls for sour cream, cream cheese, milk and cheddar cheese. With all those dairy products, what’s not to like! (more…)

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I got my Mojo Back! Made Veggies au Pistou ( a fancy French name for a basic Veggie Stew with Pasta and Pesto)

I am GREATLY relieved to be able to report that I have my cooking mojo back!  This week everything I cooked turned out well.  In fact better than well. . . it was all downright good!

lunch beforeMonday morning I went out a picked a great assortment of fresh veggies. Spinach, yellow squash and tomatoes shown here.  I also trimmed a big basket full of basil and a bunch of onions.

In the fridge there were navy beans from last week, a head of lettuce and a big cucumber that we had gotten at Farmer’s Market.  It was obviously a Greek salad day.

We are now officially in summer and menus are guided by what I pick on any given more.  This morning I had LOTS of basil that was either going to get harvested or bolt.  I harvested.

I stood and inhaled the incredible aroma and thought “Pesto!”. (more…)

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