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Mashed Potato Soup

Plant-based Mashed Potato SoupI have a recipe for Mashed Potato Soup that I have served every holiday for the last 20 years. No matter how much I make, it always gets eaten to the last drop.

Ironically, the original recipe came from “The Healthy Heart” cookbook even though it calls for sour cream, cream cheese, milk and cheddar cheese. With all those dairy products, what’s not to like! (more…)

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Quick and Simple — Stuffed Baked Potato Dinner

imageI had the distinct pleasure of going to the dentist last week. Every time I go, I am shocked to find out that I STILL have my dentist phobia. I keep thinking it is going to magically disappear. So far; no luck!

This time by the time I got home and just wanted to curl up in a ball and have the world go away. Unfortunately I was also hungry. Hungry and nauseated. Great combination! What to eat? Something soothing, tasty, filling and comforting.

A baked potato! (more…)

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