The Year of Being Vegan: 2012 Lessons Learned Part 5

I have always been a plant-based eater; a vegetarian. Over the last year David and I decided to become vegans. It has been an incredible learning experience! Between now and the end of the years I will share some of the things I learned.

thumbs upA Whole Food Plant-Based Vegan Diet Really Works!  And Happy New Year!

Our vegan experiment turns out to be success. When we started this we weren’t sure if it would last or if it would even make a difference. I am happy to report that it did last and that it did make a difference. We are both healthier, feeling better and looking better too.

We had annual physicals and blood tests done earlier this month. Neither of us take medications for blood pressure or cholesterol which is very unusual for people our age. And yet, we both have blood pressure that runs around 110/70. Our total cholesterol is low (below 150) and we have both seen a dramatic drop in our triglyceride levels to the low 60s.  The lab results rates each of us as having  ˂.05% risk of heart disease. That would be less that 5/10 ths of one percent risk. After examining us and see the test results the doctor told David, “you are both ridiculously healthy”.

Our energy is high. The days of feeling “not so good” are few and far between. Even though we have both been exposed to several bouts of both flu and cold, we haven’t gotten sick. Our joints are less painful and we quickly bounce back from physical exertion. We have cut out or way back on supplements; we just don’t seem to need them. And for me the biggest gain has been not suffering from my annual case of SAD.

We both lost a few more pounds and are wearing smaller clothes. Our bodies have drastically changed composition and shape. We are leaner and our belly and back fat has all but disappeared. My skin looks better and David swears his hair is getting darker.

We aren’t craving either meat or cheese. Actually, don’t even really miss them anymore. Not even the 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee. Eating this way has become a way of life. One we will definitely continue. As noted earlier, the only minor change is that we will re-incorporate a very few eggs back into our diet. And even so, the eggs will be few and far between.

Looking forward to 2013. Excited about new things to learn. Anticipating new opportunities that will inevitably come our way. Committed to keep learning and trying new things. We intend to make it the best year ever!

Wishing you the best year ever in 2013!

Happy New Year!!

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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  1. Kellie says:

    My neighbor’s and I can vouch for the benefits they have experienced this past year… they are inspirational to say the least… and lucky me gets to sample the wonderful fruits of their labor. David’s recent banana bread comes to mind. (as shared on Facebook)

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