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Blueberry Pancakes (no gluten, sugar or eggs involved)

David is the breakfastmeister in our house.  For years he was the eggs and potato king.  Or pancakes and eggs emperor. The rice and eggs sultan. You get the idea.

As we started to eliminate eggs from our diet we (obviously) had to rethink breakfast.  Consequently, we have been eating hot grain cereals, granola and occasion gluten-free pancakes or waffles topped with nut butter and fresh fruit.  The problem with gluten-free pancakes/waffles is that they require an egg, use processed flour and are expensive.

buckwheat groatsThen one day David had an idea: he know how to create a decent pancake with no gluten no eggs and no processed sugar.  Long story, short, we invested in a big bag of buckwheat groats. (more…)

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