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Plant-Based Diet Myth: It’s Expensive

moneyOne of the most baffling  things people say to me is “I would love to eat a plant based diet, but that is just too expensive!” I am always a little blown away but this assertion. I go to the grocery store and I watch food prices closely. . .

It was nice to find a discussion about this in The Starch Solution. Here, John McDougall states that a plant-based diet averages $4,000 savings per person per year. Or savings of  $333 per month.  You can read his discussion on pages 203-206 or search for “Food Costs” on your digital device.

For our household (just the two of us) that means saving about $650 per month. That, by the way is about what we currently spend each month.  In other words if we started eating animal based products we would double our monthly food costs.  Just in case I need another reason to stay on a plant-based diet that would work! (more…)

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Reading This Week: The Starch Solution by John McDougall

starchDavid ordered this book last week.  Very nice of him! I promptly stole it right out from under his nose and have been reading it all week!  All I can says is PLEASE read this book!

Finally a diet book based on good sense AND as an added bonus, the science is solid. Over the years I have had hundreds of arguments about the evils of carbs. I knew intuitively that carbs were not the enemy but couldn’t articulate what was wrong with the starch turns to sugar which turns to fat argument.  Thanks to this book, now I can. (more…)

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