Spring! Finally . . .Ah Chooooo!

42-15530364After a couple of false starts, it looks like Spring is really here. The days are warmer, tulips are pushing up, and the sparrows are starting to arrive.

Spring means that we will be planting a garden soon. We know from experience that planting anything outside before Mother’s day is just setting yourself up for heartbreak! So for right now we are prepping the greenhouse for planting next week. Lots of weeds, dust and dirt to move around.

Which is why I know it is Spring. Besides all the dirt and dust, every plant and tree Prescott is in bloom. Or at least that is what my sinuses think. I can’t breath, my nose is alternatively running or completely stuffed up and I seem to have a chronic headache.

I have tried everything to make me breath better from local bee honey to stinging nettles and a neti pot. The neti pot worked best. Unfortunately,  you have to be a contortionist to use it and/or be willing to be drenched by the time you are done.

Indulge me a little while I complain! I was really hoping that cutting all dairy out of my diet would take care of the allergy problems. Over the Autumn and the Winter it seem to have worked. No stuffy nose, no sniffles and no headaches. I was thrilled and believed that my allergies problems were a thing of the past. I even threw away that awful old neti pot!

Oh well —

The problem with these lousy allergies is they cloud by brain and I can’t think. Fortunately David did. He reminded me about xylitol nasal spray. I am happy to report that 24 hours later, I am somewhat better. At least I can think and breath (sort of).

Xylitol is a simple sugar which tastes and looks exactly like regular white sugar. But that is where the similarity ends. Xylitol protects the sinuses by preventing pollutants and irritants from sticking to your sinus membranes. It also decreases the concentration of salt and adds moisture to the airway surface which helps your own antibiotic substances  to be more effective.

I generally use XClear and I swear by it. So if you have those spring sneezes go to your local health food store or to Amazon and buy some relief!

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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