January 2013 Goals

new years resolutionsA New Year is a good time to re-evaluate; even though technically we are almost half way into the first month of 2013.

I have never been exactly big on New Year’s resolutions. The few times I have made them, I utterly failed at reaching them. They were the usual suspects. The things you decided that will somehow fix your life if you do them right. Mine are usually along the lines of  losing weight, exercising more, saving money or finishing _____ (you can fill in the blank).

The other favorites are thing like getting healthy, achieving more balance in my life, spending more time writing and saving money.

I suspect the problem is that the goal is too big and too vague. I mean what does it really mean to get healthy? How can I achieve balance especially when I have only a vague nodding acquaintance with the idea? What is the definition of more time? How much money should I save and why? I do much better if I break it down into five smaller monthly goals.

So here are my January goals:

  • In January, I will start each morning with a list of five things I am grateful for so that I focus on the positive things in my life
  • In January,  I will replace my dinner with a green smoothie which will help me detox my body, eat less and feel better
  • In January I will stretch for 10 minutes each day which will make my back feel less cranky even if it is cold
  • In January I will write for either 30 minutes or 200 words each day, it is good practice and will help me make progress on the book I am writing
  • In January I will be conscious and intentional whenever I spend money; I will evaluate why I need it and if I can really afford; this will help me spend less

For me that isn’t so hard. Five simple things that all combine might take an hour each day and  that cover my spiritual, physical, home and work life. And best of all I only have to do them for a month. Next month I get to evaluate and adjust the goals: cross off goals reached or add new ones. And who knows, things that seem important now may end up not being so important in February

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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