Eating on the Road

We are heading to New Orleans – timing being everything! The trip has started me thinking about what we are going to eat. Airport and airplane food (if you can even get it) are slim pickings! TSA rules limit the liquid you can take and living on protein bars and caffeine seems like a bad option!

We leave here at 7:00 am and get to New Orleans at 5pm, which when you adjust for time means that we will be traveling 8 hours. No matter what we eat for breakfast before we leave we are going to want to eat twice before we get a chance to sit down to real food. I have been racking my little brain trying to figure out what to take.

Most of the restaurants in the airport, even if you have time to visit one, will serve you a wilted salad of some sort. Unfortunately wilted lettuce that tastes like the inside of food cooler does not really interest me. And after that the choices are pretty limited!

I used to take a block of cheese with whole wheat crackers, a couple of baggies of carrot and celery sticks, an apple or two, a block of chocolate and a container of nuts. On a long trip I would throw in a couple of boiled eggs.  Once in the air I would ask the flight attendant for order tomato juice with lime and fill up.

I am not a juice advocate (except when we juice it here) but it seemed like a good travel food. Unfortunately, I made the “mistake” of reading the tomato juice label.  Ooops; I am not willing to knowingly put that much MSG and other chemicals into my body! And I obviously need to think of a good way to replace the cheese and crackers and chocolate. So now what?!

Here is what we finally came up with – homemade roasted garlic humus in a sealed container with corn chips along with cut up cucumbers and cherry tomatoes tomatoes from our garden. For good measure a baggie of almonds and some oatmeal muffins. That will get us to New Orleans. And then we have a whole other adventure.

I will keep you posted over the next week or so; not as regularly as usual, but still in touch. Hope you had a great Labor Day!

Oh, one more thing, I would love to hear what you do when you travel or what your ideas are for quick, healthy “road food.”

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Genene Coté -- Nutrition Advocate, Counselor and Coach who is also a Whole Food Plant Based Eater (vegetarian/vegan), cook and gardener.
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