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Happy Halloween. . .

Full moon, pumpkins and a black cat.  Must be Halloween. And speaking of pumpkins. . .

We baked a HUGE pumpkin over the weekend. Took a long time to bake and even longer for David to turn it from baked pumpkin to pumpkin mash. I have been looking for good pumpkin recipes ever since. (more…)

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Guest Article and Recipe by Kay Luckett

Here is a blog piece and the recipe written by my wonderful friend Kay Luckett. Kay is the former owner of Memorable Occasions, a catering and event production company in Los Angeles, CA.  She did this for 20 years and her biggest thrill was catering for Julia Child in 1991 before she escaped from L.A.  She now owns Get Organized, a business that organizes people and businesses in Prescott, AZ.

My friend Genene, who lives here in Prescott out by Thumb Butte, has a home that is a vegetarian paradise. The whole back yard was filled with huge containers of veggies that have grown all season and were just harvested. She and her husband, David, erected an amazing green house which they have filled with veggies that she says will grow most of the winter. These include green peppers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes (both cherry and full size), herbs, marigolds, beets, and onions to name a few. (more…)

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