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Whole Food Plant-Based Diet can prevent and cure diabetes

More Reasons To Eat A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

In case you’re wondering if eating a plant-based diet is worth it, take a look at a long-term study by the Harvard School of Public Health. The study links eating red meat and the risk of death from cancer and heart disease. Not surprisingly, the more red meat you eat the higher the risk of death from cancer heart disease. (more…)

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Cinnamon: great aroma and much more!

All the muffin experiments reminded me of how much I love cinnamon! There are few aromas that make me happier. Probably for a good reason, since a Western Jesuit University study found that smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and decreases feelings of frustration.

Closely related to the smell is the taste. What would apple pie be without cinnamon!? We use it in pancakes, waffles and baked goods. Adding a dash of cinnamon to coffee makes even the worst swill palatable. And a dash of cinnamon is the secret ingredient in tomato soup. (more…)

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Pills or Veggies?

diabetes drugsDid you know that almost 105 million people in the United States are either diabetic or prediabetic?

That is a staggering number.  If you figure the US population is roughly 335 million that means that roughly 1/3 of the total population is at risk!  Here is the breakdown as provided by the American Diabetes Associationregarding type 2 diabetics in the US in 2010:

  • Diagnosed: 18.8 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people

Prediabetes: 79 million people (more…)

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